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I’ve recently worked on an animated TV Ad at Moviebrats in Berlin
It was a pleasure to work in such a great team with very talented people!
I was modeling, texturing, shading, lighting and did some compositing as well

Please have a look at the Gallery for some still renderings I’ve done during production

Here is the Ad on Vimeo:

Studio: MovieBrats.com
Agency. Scholz & Friends Berlin
Client: Orion Erotik Fachgeschäfte

Director: Vito La Manna
Project Management: David Henning
Producer: Esther Friedrich

Character Design Lead: Markus Müller
Character Design: Tom Schirdewahn
Environment Design: Mario Anger
Concept Artist: Tobias Trebeljahr
Character Modellers: Andre Brumme, Taysir Yakupov, Rita Berman, Ben Becker, Fabian Czichelski, Vito LaManna
Character Rigging: Gregor Weiß
Enviroment Modelling: Fabian Czichelski
Props Modelling: Ben Becker

Animation Lead: Hendrik Rost
Character Animators: Peter Hecker, Gregor Weiß, Pawel Orzechowski
Fluid Simulation: Thomas Kaufmann
Storyboard Artist: Jan Thüring
Animatic/Cinematography: Vito LaManna
2D Animation Layout Artist: Laura Oechel

Lighting/Shading Lead: Philip Hartmann
Lighting/Shading: Andre Brumme
Texturing: Andre Brumme
Render Assistant: Fabian Czichelski

Compositing Lead: Vito LaManna
Compositing: Martin Wellens, Philip Hartmann
Compositing TD: Robert Zeltsch
Editing: David Henning
Colorist: Moritz Bock


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  1. WOW!!!!
    Tolle Arbeit, super texturing!!

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