3D Lighting Shading Artist 


About Me

I am an autodidact 3D Generalist with a strong focus on Lighting and Shading as well as texturing.

I love to do photorealistic stuff but also enjoy very much the semi-realistic look in CG-Animations.
Right now I work as a freelance artist for animation and film and I am always looking for interesting and varied projects with a friendly and ambitious team.

My skills are lighting and shading, modeling, texturing and I am able to work with a variety of tools including

3ds Max, ZBrush, Mari, VRay, Mental Ray, Octane, Photoshop, Fusion, Topogun, UV Layout, AutoCAD and some more.

I hope you enjoy some of the work here presented and if you do so, please let me know – if you don’t, please tell me why!