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I’ve recently worked on an animated TV Ad at Moviebrats in Berlin It was a pleasure to work in such a great team with very talented people! I was modeling, texturing, shading, lighting and did some compositing as well Please have a look at the Gallery for some still renderings I’ve done during production http://andrebrumme.de/images/recent-work/ Here is the Ad on Vimeo: Studio: MovieBrats.com Agency. Scholz & Friends Berlin Client: Orion Erotik Fachgeschäfte Director: Vito La Manna Project Management: David Henning Producer: Esther Friedrich Character Design Lead: Markus Müller Character Design: Tom Schirdewahn Environment Design: Mario Anger Concept Artist: Tobias Trebeljahr Character Modellers: Andre Brumme, Taysir Yakupov, Rita Berman, Ben Becker, Fabian Czichelski, Vito LaManna Character Rigging: Gregor Weiß Enviroment Modelling: Fabian Czichelski Props Modelling: Ben Becker Animation Lead: Hendrik Rost Character Animators: Peter Hecker, Gregor Weiß, Pawel Orzechowski Fluid Simulation: Thomas Kaufmann Storyboard Artist: Jan Thüring Animatic/Cinematography: Vito LaManna 2D Animation Layout Artist: Laura Oechel Lighting/Shading Lead: Philip Hartmann Lighting/Shading: Andre Brumme Texturing: Andre Brumme Render Assistant: Fabian Czichelski Compositing Lead: Vito LaManna Compositing: Martin Wellens, Philip Hartmann Compositing TD: Robert Zeltsch Editing: David Henning Colorist: Moritz Bock  

Hi everyone!

This is my first post on my brand new online portfolio! Here I’d like show some of my private and professional work in the field of CG. I hope you enjoy some stuff here presented  

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